Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes

Whether you want your students to learn more about the natural environment, investigate Tasmania’s history, or improve communication skills and build self esteem, there are a range of activities sure to satisfy both the kids and the curriculum.

Primary School camps at Gumleaves often focus on peer group bonding and the excitement of being introduced to the great outdoors, with plenty of opportunities for dynamic learning in a natural environment. Previous teachers and group leaders have found it easy to link camp experiences with classroom learning – particularly in relation to units of work relating to the natural environment and Physical Education. High school camps have tended to focus on a mixture of peer bonding and the development of communication skills and trust, as well as a strong emphasis on outdoor education.

Our self-led activities and physical location are bound to provide plenty to do all camp. Our on site activities include adventure playgrounds which are ideal for physically challenging kids and encouraging self confidence. Our bush walking tracks will give kids the opportunity to get close to their natural environment and see things from a new perspective. The range of challenge activities are an excellent way to get kids thinking outside the box and working together as a team.

The lake, mini golf, tennis court are also great ways to get kids active. The large outdoor fire place is a wonderful place for night time socialising or storytelling, and activity rooms are ideal for classroom based activities, concerts or talent quests.

A camp at Gumleaves can:

  • Provide the opportunity to develop leadership, social and problem solving skills
  • Provide challenging situations for students to practise personal and group goal setting
  • Enhance opportunities for students and teachers to work together in an outdoor education environment
  • Provide the opportunity for students to learn basic outdoor skills relevant to adventure based activities in a safe environment
  • Provide a setting to develop awareness of the natural environment and sustainable camping skills.

Other Benefits

A couple of major issues for today’s children are those of self esteem and childhood obesity – studies indicate that these issues can result in negative future implications for both individuals and society as a whole. A school camp at Gumleaves can have the following direct benefits which will aid in counteracting these issues:

  • fosters an interest in physical activity and recreational pursuits
  • improves motor skills
  • enhances self esteem, self worth and confidence
  • provides the opportunity for personal challenge and achievement
  • creates a sense of community and bonding with peers and teachers
  • encourages teamwork and communication
  • kindles an interest in the natural environment and Australian bush
  • offers experiences not normally available to children growing up today in city and suburban environments

A positive outdoor education experience will hopefully translate into lifelong awareness of the benefits of physical exercise and a realisation that physical exertion can be fun.

School Kit

Gumleaves’ School Kit is a comprehensive booklet designed with teachers and group leaders in mind. The aim of this booklet is to provide groups will all the information they need prior to and during their stay to ensure a successful camp.

The School Kit includes sample camp itineraries, worksheets, suggested activities, camp map, floor plans, instructions for on site camp activities as well as general camp information.

It is FREE – and will save you lots of planning time!


School Kit Documents: