High School Camps

In our experience, we have found that high school camps can vary in their aims – year 7 camps generally tend to focus on peer bonding and the development of communication skills and trust – while older age groups often have more of a focus on outdoor education focus. Gumleaves offers the facilities, activities and physical location to accommodate a range of camp outcomes and will present students with a range of outdoor activities and challenges designed to promote personal and social development. During a school camp at Gumleaves, high school students can enjoy a range of fun and rewarding activities with opportunities:

  • For peer bonding among students from different primary schools.
  • For teacher/student bonding.
  • To develop trust and effective communication between teachers and students.
  • For teamwork, communication and collaboration among students.
  • To challenge students and extend their boundaries outside limiting mindsets.
  • To give students an introduction to, and appreciation of, the Australian bush, waterways, flora and fauna.
  • For students to experience a range of adventure activities in a safe yet challenging environment.
  • To understand that physical exertion can be fun.
  • To encourage an interest in physical fitness as a means of overcoming obesity trends.
  • To enhance students' confidence and self esteem.



We can accommodate up 106 in our bunk rooms, with the option of additional accommodation in our self contained cabins and camping grounds.

Camp Activities

Students can enjoy a range of fun and rewarding activities.

Camp Meals

You may opt to hire our kitchen and do your own catering, or use our preferred caterer during your stay at Gumleaves Bush Holidays.

Learning Outcomes

Whether you want your kids to learn more about the natural environment, investigate Tasmania's history, or improve communication skills and build self esteem, there are a range of activities sure to please both the kids and the curriculum.